Friday, July 23, 2010

I love my room

I love my room very much
Even though it is just a small one
But it is so cozy and comfortable and nice and bla bla bla
Facilitate with
an air-cond,
a fan,
a wardrobe,
a dressing table ,
and a mirror
and a clean toilet

Like the MINLON curtain that just got changed
The theme for this raya is pink and red and cream

And love the clean AUSINO bedsheet and the pillowcase in a subtle colour makes the room look spacious eventhough its not

Not to be forgotten
This rotan chair (chair ke) and the LIGHT TRUST table lamp makes my room look like a 5 'estrellas' hotel eventhough its not
The function of the rotan chair is like a transition place for all the folded clothes before it is transfered into the wardrobe made of wood

A small table lamp , white and cream hydrangea SYNTHETIC flowers in a vase, and a picture of mine in a nice looking not so expensive black glass frame at the corner of the room shows that the owner of this room has some esthetic values and would love to express it with her own style

Theres a big but
This kinda feeling only exist after the room had just been tidied up becoz being 'membebel'ed by my mom

So, to all the viewers out there
Some tips for you guys
If you have a small room, it doest really matter
The important thing is how you decorate it, arrange everything accordingly, the wall paint, the colour scheme, the bedsheet, the curtain, the flooring, the carpet, the wardrobe, the mirror, the lamp, the foot rug..

All of these elements that makes your dull and boring room look WOW
It doesnt have to be expensive but its how you choose things which are nice, simpe, trendy, practical..

But, u have to clean your room too..
And always remember



  1. salam.. nice.. simple, but truly girly room. i like!! ngehehe..