Saturday, July 24, 2010

The swimmer

UMI:kak indah, jom kite gi swimming esok pagi nak
Me:OK boleh, kul bape nak gi?
UMI:kul 8 pagi
Me: dalam hati berkata "yelahtu kul 8, tak caye aku"

11pm, i texted Umi to confirm esok jadi ke tak, and she replied "Mestila jadi, esok pagi I call u"

Saturday morning
Bangun2, subuh, kite takpayah jogingla eh, malas plak, u nak gerak kul bape ni?
And no answer untul 7.34am
Called her
OI, bangun la nak gi ke tak ni???
Umi:nak nak, jap la nak smayang ni belum smayang, nak mandi lagii
me:Haaaa??/baru nak semayang kul 7.30, nak mandi ape nye lagi, kate nak swiming
umi:eh,,ye tak ye ek

So, umi pon belanje la entry masuk 2hengget je


Kene pakai proper attire ye puan-puan dan menutup aurat


Ni la tempat meletakkan beg

Umi in her bikini (jgn mara mi)

seb baik air tak sejuk sgt

and this is me yang tak reti nak swimming

Lepas 'kepenatan' swimming, LAPA la pulak kan
And umi kate nak makan makanan yang berkhasiat which is ROTI
And decided to have our breakfast at UO je

So this was Umi's HEALTHY BREAKFAST that she'd been dreaming of

And this was mine
Konon termimpi nak makan American breakfast
So, sausage, fried egg and fried potatoes yang kononnye hash brown
Boleh la jugak
And some fusion of Malay traditional kuih, Karipap and Cucur udang
And off to the lab


Last night we had a beautiful candle light dinner but without the candle of course
Together with MADI..just the two of us ..jangan jelless
Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant, Precint 1, Taman Botani, Putrajaya
For celebrating of her last day of ganti puase



Hot jasmine tea for two

Hanye mek mek ni ja yang selalu interframe kemane-mane saje berade

Mango juice

Mane makanan niiii

There u areee!!
Kepada para penonton


Boilling hot Beancurd seafood claypot

Kangkung belacan

Crispy Squid fritter

A bowl of rice for me
Thought that will finish it but didnt finished it all..
Ermm...i think i COULD NOT finished it all instead of didnt

Tak sangke selicin ni we allzzz makan

Happy ending

TOTAL= 78.43 including WET TOWEL at 1.20 for two

Friday, July 23, 2010

Quote by Normaida Mohd Khairoji

"Mahar yang sedikit bukan merendahkan martabat, malah meninggikan martabat seorang wanita disisi agama"

Quote by Faris Haikal

"You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her."

Quote by Avis Ahmon-Ra

SAYANG. I know the word and its implications well. It was a truly Southeast Asian word, soft as its people and well understood from Marang to Manila, Surabaya to Sulawesi, Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu. It describes a love bound to sadness, a tenderness trembling on the edge of tears, a passion from which pity could not be detached.

I love my room

I love my room very much
Even though it is just a small one
But it is so cozy and comfortable and nice and bla bla bla
Facilitate with
an air-cond,
a fan,
a wardrobe,
a dressing table ,
and a mirror
and a clean toilet

Like the MINLON curtain that just got changed
The theme for this raya is pink and red and cream

And love the clean AUSINO bedsheet and the pillowcase in a subtle colour makes the room look spacious eventhough its not

Not to be forgotten
This rotan chair (chair ke) and the LIGHT TRUST table lamp makes my room look like a 5 'estrellas' hotel eventhough its not
The function of the rotan chair is like a transition place for all the folded clothes before it is transfered into the wardrobe made of wood

A small table lamp , white and cream hydrangea SYNTHETIC flowers in a vase, and a picture of mine in a nice looking not so expensive black glass frame at the corner of the room shows that the owner of this room has some esthetic values and would love to express it with her own style

Theres a big but
This kinda feeling only exist after the room had just been tidied up becoz being 'membebel'ed by my mom

So, to all the viewers out there
Some tips for you guys
If you have a small room, it doest really matter
The important thing is how you decorate it, arrange everything accordingly, the wall paint, the colour scheme, the bedsheet, the curtain, the flooring, the carpet, the wardrobe, the mirror, the lamp, the foot rug..

All of these elements that makes your dull and boring room look WOW
It doesnt have to be expensive but its how you choose things which are nice, simpe, trendy, practical..

But, u have to clean your room too..
And always remember


Beriyani Gam

Hari ni hari Jumaat
Ade orang belanje makan lagi
Semoge org yang belanje tu murah rezekinye selalu..

Makan kat
Seksyen 15

This was mine
This is nasi beriyani with KAMBING
Bagi sesape yang tak minat dengan kambing, it's a lost..hahah

Ni kak wini's
Nasi beriyani dengan ayam beriyani

Ni kak za and soli punye
Nasi beriyni dengan yam goreng
Memang best jugak
Mereke bertige ni memang peminat kambing

Kak za habeskan nasi kakwini, sebab hari ni die lapa sgt, sebab satu hari ni die round2 UKM naik bus percuma sambil ditemani oleh driver bus..

Soli nok jugok tunjuk ayey tu..


Black Canyon



Wats so special eating at Black canyon huh?
The tomyam is so sedaaaaappppp
What else??
Madi nak belanjeeeee!!!

This time around, was not hard to choose what to eat, sebab dah tau nak makan apee
Itsss the tomyammmm

Cume tak tau nak minum apeeee

Fussili chicken tomyam

Fussili prawn tomyam

Fried wantan
Crispy and yummy

Habis semue isi alam except for the galanga

Muchas gracis a Madi!!!
Today i plak blanjeee

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bile orang bercinte

Saya suka tengok jari awek saya…Cantik betul… Sungguh! Sampai takut nak pegang…
Bukan takut patah, tapi takut nanti jari kitorang tak boleh tolong each other di depan yang maha Esa…

Saya suka tengok rambut awek saya… Cantik betul… Sungguh! Sebab tu saya belikan tudung…
Bukan sebab jeles orang lain tengok, tapi takut terbakar dek api neraka...

Saya suka tengok body awek saya… Cantik betul… Sungguh! Sebab tu saya belikan dia telekong.
Supaya mase die jumpa dengan Kekasih die Yang Utama dia lagi cantik dan berseri menghadap Nya.

Saya pun tumpang dapat pahala. Pheh syoknye…

Saya sedih tengok awek saya. Tak tido, tak makan rindu kat saya…

Saya pun macam tu jugak, Ada problem yang sama..

Die tanya apa ubatnya? Saya pun bagi die Quran untuk penenang jiwa…
Semoga lebih cintakan Nya dari saya…

Bahagie nye dapat pakwe macam die…

Saya sedih tengok awek saya.. Selalu pesan macam-macam kat saya…
“Makan, minum, drive elok-elok ..Nanti awak sakit saye susah ati ” katenya…
Tapi bila tengok movie sama-sama burn asar maghrib gitu die tak kata satu aper pun…Berdosanye saya….
Saya memang sayang dia…Nak jumper die .. Yang forever punye forever…
Di dunia dan akhirat terutamanya, Janji nak share heaven sama-sama…Bahagia selamanya…

Semoga kami saling mengingati,
Dosa sendiri pun infiniti…
Nak tanggung dosa dia lagi pulak lepas ni…

Semoga kami menginsafi diri…
Ya Allah ampunkanlah kami….
Semoga kami dapat bersama selamanya nanti…

Cinta tu anugerah Allah… Pandai-panda­i la kita menjaga nikmat Allah it

By: Sweet like chocolate

Quote by Avis Ahmon-Ra

"Someday, we'll forget the hurt, the reason we cried and who caused us pain. We will finally realize that the secret of being free is not revenge, but letting things unfold in their own way and own time. After all, waht matters is not the first, but the last chapter of our life which shows how well we ran the race. So, smile laugh, forgive, believe and love all over again"

Quote by Siti Fathrita

"It's never the rears that always measure the pain. Sometimes it is the smile we fake in every heartbreaking situation"

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quote by Avis Ahmon-Ra

"Human beings are funny. They long to be with the person they love but refuse to admit openly. Some are afraid to show aven the slightest sign of affection because of fear. Fear that their feelings may not be recognized, or even worst, returned. But one thing that puzzles me the most is to be connected with the object of their affection even if it kills them slowly within"

Rahsia Perkahwinan

"Seseorang itu perlu mempunyai sempadan dan had dalam berhubungan di tempat kerja, lebih2 lagi bagi mereka yang sudah berkahwin. Bagi yang belum berkahwin itu seeloknya memikirkan risiko bila terjebak dengan hubungan dengan mereka yang sudah berkahwin. Tetapi yang penting ANDA utamakan pasangan anda serta pertahankan perkahwinan ANDA, insya-ALLAH "hubungan terlarang" di tempat kerja dapat dielakkan !"

Monday, July 19, 2010

Quote by Avis Ahmon-Ra

My heart to told my heart,
'Let love grow'
But my heart told my head,
'This time, no'