Thursday, May 20, 2010


Breakfast kat UNIKEB

dengan kak Lino

1. Nasi lemak dgn sambal udang
+ air teo limau panas

Total= 4.50


Lunch hari ni sgt best
Gi dgn Dato' Noramly, Kak Lino, Abe Wariee and me
Kite gi makan kat Othman Nasi Beriyani kat seksyen 9

Prof Dato' Noramly, Abg Warie, and Kak Lino

An entree
Las frutas

This is the specciality which is nasi beriyani

Kak lino makan Spaghetti bolognese
Sedap lah jugak

Align Center
I ordered Mushroom soup served with garlic bread
Boleh tahan lah

Dessert - cream puff
seto'et jee ponn

Lepas heavy lunch..
Prof ajak pulok gi have some coffee kat Old Town White Coffee..haha
Seronok betol
Because everything was free of charged
May God bless you Prof!!

Rootbeer float
Strawbery smoothies
Ice blended

Lunch yg sgt best hari ni!!


Not yet
Mesti kat umah

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