Friday, May 14, 2010

Biarlah berlabuh tirai kisah semalam

Written and send on 11/5/2010

Te Extraño

I will..
Miss the laughter that we've shared
Will miss the teasing
Will miss the jokes
Will miss the presence of you
Will miss the funny faces
Will miss the style of your hair
Will miss your long eye lashes when it blinks2
Wil miss the dimples when you smile
Will miss those words and its accent,
"manna boleh habbaaaq",
"oh2 ok",
"soalan xbest"
"jom jogging NMR"
"take care eaaa"
Will miss the white-green shoes and the bright orange slipper
Will miss the nice pants from the bundle
Will miss the smell of you
will miss the 'parietin' that was succesfully isolated from Teloschistes flavicans
will miss the emoticons on the YM and the viruses 'who' always visit on
my window
Will miss the orange juice and the kacang parang that you bought and
the 60 cent that you gave me
Those time will live in my memories
And kept safe, deep down in me..

You came into my life
Even if only for months
But you've opened up my heart
And put me a smile on my face
Make me laugh and happy
After the miseries that I've been through
And thank you for that..

But I know
All these means nothing to you
But it doesnt even really matter now
As by now, I know who you really are
And thank God for saving me from being drowned even more

Sorry for the words
It was 'mucho estupido' to say that
But it doest even really matter now
As by now, I know who you really are

I pray all the best for u
May u be blessed always and forever

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