Thursday, July 15, 2010

An advice from la hermana

"Tell him straight off. I stopped texting you coz I doubt your interest in me is genuine. And I'm not into playing games if I like someone.

So if you're playing lets be clear that we just gonna be casual friends and behave like it

Don't be scared just text it so things are clear and you don't fall in love with a complete PLAYER

Listen just don't forget what its like when you go through that crazy pain when things don't work out. We both been through it.

I don't want that for you ever again.

You got to be so careful..

Kite ni, senang jatuh cinta with cinta

Its our nature

So we have to take extra precaution against mistakes

Cheer up you are a very successful woman at the end of the day, when the time comes you will recognize your true jodoh because he will recognize you"


  1. sesape yang ade problem dengan lelaki, sile guna ayat motivasi ini..hahah