Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rori Raye : Get loved

If you've ever worked "hard" at getting a man to love you, you probably know firsthand that approach doesn't work very well.

Trying to be very sexy and attractive by wearing the right clothesor saying the right things rarely gets a man "hooked" on you - EMOTIONALLY.

Being very accommodating and "nice" usually gets you more in the "friend" zone than love. It takes a certain way of BEING with a man that makes him take notice and feel a longing for you.

It's not about DOING or TRYING - it's about being the most feminine, authentic and self-assured woman you can be.

It's something you can learn to do, even though what you're doing is just getting rid of the old patterns and pitfalls that DON'T work (but we've been led to believe that they do.

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